Welcome to our new blog

We are delighted to announce that the High Point Ireland blog is now being delivered through the WordPress platform.

This move will allow us to provide a more time-efficient and easy-to-manage news service for the High Point Ireland community. The result of this will be an increased number of articles being published, and an improved commenting facility which allows readers to post their own clickable links.

All High Point Ireland blog articles published before June 2017 will still be available to read on the old blog. These are listed here.

If you have a story to tell or a message you want to get out there, we invite you to submit an article to the High Point Ireland blog.

We hope you find our blog interesting, informative and entertaining. There are lots of exciting new developments in the pipeline which will be, as always, ground breaking. The sport of Highpointeering is very much still in its infancy, but our growing range of unique initiatives will inspire outdoor sports enthusiasts of all levels to get involved. Highpointeering is a sport which caters for a wide spectrum of human competitiveness, from hobbyist to personal challenger to all-Ireland champion, and our Youth Involvement Programme has been designed to inspire the next generation of Highpointeers.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out when new articles are published on the blog. Alternatively, you can follow the blog to receive email notifications.

Please note that only the blog has moved. The High Point Ireland website will remain at www.highpointireland.com where it will continue to develop as the official hub for the Irish Highpointeering community and as the online home of the governing body for Highpointeering in Ireland.

Happy Highpointeering!

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