Peakhunter: our new partner

We are thrilled to announce that Peakhunter has joined the High Point Ireland community as a partner organisation.

Peakhunter ( is the premiere Digital Global Summit Log. The Peakhunter app is unique: it only allows you to log an entry using your iPhone or Android device while physically present at a peak or high point location. The time-stamped log entry proves that you were actually there. Peakhunter makes it easy to keep track of all the peaks you have ascended. The app uses GPS to confirm your exact location, therefore access to a mobile phone network is not required. You can download all the peaks for a given country, making them available offline for when you have no internet access. For Highpointeering in Ireland, we recommend that you add all peaks for Ireland and the UK as soon as you download the app.

Peakhunter is the first app of its kind and we are proud to see the entire Gribbon list of Ireland’s major geographical high points being hosted on its database. This marks yet another first for the Gribbon list as it becomes Ireland’s first published high point / summit list which allows “baggers” to log their visits using a smartphone app.

Find out more / download the app here…

Please note that we now accept Peakhunter log entries as evidence of Gribbon location visits. This means that you do not need to provide photographic evidence of your visits if you are taking part in our challenges, leagues and award competitions. However, we still recommend that you take a selfie on location as a backup (but also as a memento for yourself).

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