Visit 25 Gribbon locations in 2018 

Our recently-announced partnership with Peakhunter brings with it some exciting joint-venture opportunities. The first of these is a brand new High Point Ireland challenge which is hosted entirely on the Peakhunter website and app.

The goal is for each challenger to visit 25 different locations during 2018 which feature on the Gribbon list of Ireland’s major geographical high points. Each challenger who completes the challenge within the year will earn a digital badge for their Peakhunter profile.

The first person to complete the challenge and the person who visits most Gribbon locations in 2018 will each win a special one-off t-shirt. If the same person wins both, they will also receive a gold medal. If that person also wins our Highpointeer of the Year award and completes our 10,000m Challenge in 2018, they will receive a special “Grand Slam” trophy.

To take part in the High Point Ireland challenge on Peakhunter, you will first need to download the Peakhunter app and set up a profile (if you haven’t already done so).  Next, go to the High Point Ireland challenge page on the Peakhunter website, then click the “Participate” button. After that, you are ready to go out and start logging.

All Gribbon locations are already loaded into the Peakhunter database so there is no need to create new peaks for the Gribbon locations. Please “bag” the location as it appears on Peakhunter even if means having to move away from the actual Gribbon location itself (it won’t be too far away). If it is more than 10 metres away, feel free to log an additional point and email us to let us know about it. Before logging additional points at Gribbon locations, please study the local topography to visually identify the high point, bearing in mind that any trig pillar or other physical indicators present do not necessarily mark an actual summit.

Don’t forget to take a photo of your visit and upload it to Peakhunter.

The High Point Ireland / Peakhunter partnership will bring other exciting developments in the near future. To keep up to date, feel free to follow this blog to receive email notifications when we post new stories.

In the meantime, we invite you to download the Peakhunter app to your smartphone.

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