High Point of the Year

So far, our expanding family of upland sports awards have focused largely on Highpointeering’s human participants. But there is another group of key individuals who we also believe deserves acknowledgement and recognition. Individuals who each have their own character and moods. Individuals who make Highpointeering possible. We are talking about the High Point locations themselves.

Today, we are introducing the High Point of the Year award competition as a way of celebrating your favourite geographical high points in Ireland.

To be considered for a High Point of the Year award, an individual High Point location must attract at least 20 visits during the year, all of which must be logged using the Peakhunter app and be rated on a submitted Highpointeer Score Form. The mean average of all ratings a High Point location receives during the year will become its official score in the High Point of the Year awards competition.

So get out there, and get logging! The winner could be a location near you.

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