Highpointeering Guide of the Year

This week we have been launching four brand new Highpointeering awards categories over four consecutive days. So far this week, we have launched High Point Photo of the YearHigh Point of the Year and Highpointeering Event of the Year. Today, we are introducing the Highpointeering Guide of the Year award competition as a way of acknowledging the achievements of Ireland’s finest walking guide services.

To be considered for a Highpointeering Guide of the Year award, a walking guide service needs at least 5 of its individual clients to log their visits to relevant High Point locations during guided walks using the Peakhunter app. Each client must also complete and submit a Highpointeer Score Form for the visit(s) before the end of 31st December. The Highpointeer Score Form must include a link to the Peakhunter log entry, identify the walking guide service, and give that guide service an overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5. The average of these ratings will become the guide service’s official score in the competition.

The Highpointeering Guide of the Year awards competition is only open to guide services which are listed as Associated Walking Guides on the High Point Ireland website. If you know of any walking guide services which feature High Point locations but do not appear on our Associated Walking Guides list, please tell them about our annual Highpointeering Guide of the Year awards competition so they can arrange to get listed. If you are the owner of a non-associated walking guide service, we invite you to get your business listed so it can be represented in this unique all-Ireland competition.

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