A photo of Fauscoum

In the most recent round of our High Point Ireland Photo competitions, we saw Gillian Carolan‘s stunning image of a snow-covered #Fauscoum792m being selected as the winner (and as the first finalist in our 2018 High Point Photo of the Year awards competition). Here, Gillian tells us about the walk in County Waterford’s Comeragh Mountains when she captured her winning photo.

Date of photo:  28th December 2017

After summiting #Slievenamon721m before dawn the previous day, the bug was well and truly caught. And so the decision was very quickly made to take on #Fauscoum792m that morning pre-dawn in an effort to make good use of the week off work. The delightful white dusting on top was all the more encouraging.

So off we set in darkness for the hours drive to our starting point, fully prepped (flask of tea) and all the usual gear required for the day out on the hills.

It was in all honesty a glorious morning with the sunrise on our backs heading up the left-hand side of the Mahon valley, eerily quiet and not a soul in sight.

The plan was to head on around the ridge to the top of the falls and ascend up to Fauscoum from there, alas it was not to be. I stopped along the route for my usual photo taking opportunities, or sneaky rest breaks as my guide and partner in crime “Woody” William Woodgate might say. Pulling out the iPhone here and there attempting to capture the enormity of the beauty I stumble across while in the outdoors.

Gillian Carolan’s winning photo of Fauscoum

We arrived at the top of the falls all the while watching the blackened snow filled clouds approaching from the northwest. We had a wander about here weighing up our options, we sat and had a very welcome warm cup of tea and watched a large group ascend the right side of the falls, they made it look easy! I wasn’t so sure.

Snow began to fall and so the decision was made that Fauscoum was not going to happen that day. We made our tracks back along through the fresh coating of snow, the group had dispersed into smaller groups and were making their way out wide to head along the ridge also.

Fresh snow came with its own problems, as it disguised the ice I had so cleverly avoided on the way up. Smack down I went. No more pictures were taken that day, and a little trip to A+E confirmed it was only my pride that was injured.

All in all it was a great day out. #Fauscoum792m, I will get there!

Words and photos by Gillian Carolan


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