Regional Facebook Groups

We are delighted to announce that High Point Ireland has set up four new regional Facebook groups.

Each of Ireland’s four provinces now has its own High Point Ireland social group, giving members greater opportunity to interact with their local Highpointeering community.

You will need to log into Facebook and join a regional group before you can view it. 

    These groups further expand our flexible multi-platform approach by providing a local support service for members of each province’s Highpointeering community.

    Group members can post questions, answer questions, offer advice, and make recommendations. Local clubs, guides and event organisers who are listed on our Information Hub can also publicise their activities.

    Our regional groups are “closed”. This means anyone can join, but only members can post and see comments.

    We hope to appoint a local moderator for each of the regional groups. If you would like to be considered for your local group’s moderator position, please join the group and get in touch with us. You will need to be an established Highpointeer and have a history of social media interaction with High Point Ireland.

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