High Point Ireland Photo 2018 Round 3: The Entries

The 24-hour submissions window has now closed for Round 3 of our 2018 #HighPointIrelandPhoto competitions. Which photo entry is your favourite?

We received 3 qualifying entries on submission day (20th August 2018). The entries are all displayed below in the order they were submitted. Vote for your favourite by giving it a “like” on Twitter. To boost its chances of getting more likes, feel free to promote your favourite by also giving it a retweet.

The photos

A big thank you to Tommy, Patrick and Seán for submitting their photos, and good luck to them in this competition.

The voting period for this round will close at midnight at the end of 22nd August 2018, and the results will be announced on 23rd August 2018.

The winner of this round will join the shortlist of four finalists in our High Point Photo of the Year award competition. Those four photos will be put to a final vote during the last week of December.

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