Website developments for Spring 2019

The next phase in the High Point Ireland website’s development is about to start. Find out what we’ll be up to in the coming months.

The High Point Ireland Information Hub is the official resource for Highpointeering in Ireland.

A reminder of our goals
  • To provide an unrivalled first-stop online information resource for Highpointeering in Ireland.
  • To provide a flexible, outward-facing  hub where Ireland’s growing Highpointeering community can share stories, messages and promote themselves via clickable links.
  • To provide an online HQ for the sport of Highpointeering in Ireland.

Upcoming plans

For this next phase in our websites’s development, we will be focusing mainly on the following two areas which require the most urgent attention:

Location pages

At present, our 188 location pages are a mix of two different layouts. We are delighted to announce that we have designed a brand new layout for our location pages. These will initially be applied behind-the-scenes before being made public in early 2019. Page navigation will see a massive improvement, and there will be lots of new location-specific content appearing too.


High Point Ireland offers the most diverse range of list-based challenges for upland adventurers in Ireland. In fact, we don’t know of any other geography-based list publisher in the world who offers a range of upland list challenges to rival ours. We are, however, more than happy to set a new standard for them to follow. Over the next few months, we will be making some modifications to our existing Highpointeering challenges to make them even more appealing to members of the outdoor sports community.

What makes us different?

We pride ourselves on being “the flexible, outward-facing first-stop resource for Highpointeering in Ireland”. But what does that mean? Here’s a break down:


We offer our community a variety of ways to share their Highpointeering adventure. This can be done using our Ireland Blogging community platform, various social networks, or a combination of these. 


We have noticed how some organisations who run Irish walking websites can be quite inward-facing. A lack of “clickable” outgoing links from these websites is an obvious characteristic of such an inward-facing tendancy. We, on the other hand, are more than happy to direct our website visitors to third-party websites. Websites who claim to be the “best” or the “only” resource for a subject (when they are not) is further evidence of an inward-facing nature. This makes you wonder how closely they follow their own subject. 


We want you to find the information you need in as few clicks as possible, whether that information is on our website or on a recommended third-party site. We don’t want you to waste time going through search engine results. This is why our website has an easy-to-navigate structure and a modern, uncluttered layout with plenty of outgoing “clickable” links. If a third-party website provides the information you need, we’ll direct you to it. Bookmark our homepage as your first-stop resource for Highpointeering in Ireland. 

Past developments

We have already introduced a unique range of upland sports initiatives, including two all-Ireland leagues, club awards and individual awards. Our sports initiatives have been particularly welcomed by Irish hillwalkers who seek a competitive sports element in what is generally regarded as an informal leisure pastime.

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