Certificates: 2018 updates

Do we still owe you certificates for your past Highpointeering achievements? Don’t worry, they are on their way!

Outstanding certificates

During 2018, much of our efforts have been focused on building our websites. The downside of these critical developments is that a sizeable backlog of Highpointeering certificates now requires our attention.

In December, we will be implementing a much more efficient method of producing certificates. Once this is in place, we will be in a position to issue all outstanding certificates before the end of 2018.

Certificate requests

We will also be introducing a new “Certificate Request” form. This will allow us to process and issue Certificates of Completion and Certificates of Excellence more quickly as and when they are requested. 

Make it count

Please note that we will be making two major changes to our High Point visit verification and score-keeping systems.

Log it with Peakhunter

High Point visits made after 1st January 2019 will only count towards High Point Ireland certificates if they have been logged using the Peakhunter app. Peakhunter is our official logging partner. Photographic evidence will not be required for verification purposes.

In the VERY unlikely event that photographic evidence is requested, we recommend that you take a selfie at each High Point location as a back-up means of verification. 

Build your annual points score

Highpointeers wishing to take part in our points-based team leagues and award competitions in 2019 must also complete our online Highpointeer Score Form for each High Point they visit. A time-stamped log entry on Peakhunter will also be required for this.


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