Highpointeering leader boards (January – March 2019)

Top-scoring individuals and teams so far in the 2019 all-Ireland Highpointeering competitions. These leader boards are based on Highpointeering activity which took place during 2019 before 1st April.

This year’s all-Ireland Highpointeering competitions started on 1st January 2019 and will finish on 31st December 2019. The leader boards below indicate the top placings and point-scores as they were on 31st March 2019. Final results for the full year-long competitions will be announced in January 2020.

Highpointeer of the Year

1.  Michael Murphy (146 pts)

2.  Mícheál Ó Riabhaigh (89 pts)

3.  David Barnes (17 pts)

4.  Dillon Lynch (9 pts)

4.  Patrick O’Brien (9 pts)


Young Highpointeer of the Year

1.  Dillon Lynch (9 pts)


Highpointeering Club of the Year

No clubs represented yet in 2019…


Counties League

1.  County Carlow (146 pts)

2.  County Limerick (89 pts)

3.  County Cork (18 pts)

4.  County Donegal (17 pts)


Provinces League

1. Leinster (146 pts)

2. Munster (107 pts)

3. Ulster (17 pts)

4. Connacht (0 pts)


Next leaderboard

We aim to publish our next leader board updates at the start of July 2019 to reflect all logged and registered Highpointeering activity in 2019 up to 30th June.

Want to be on our leader boards?

To appear on our leader boards you need to log each High Point you visit while you are physically present at its location using the Peakhunter app AND submit a Highpointeer Score Form afterwards. If you haven’t already submitted Highpointeer Score Forms for High Point visits you have logged so far in 2019, we invite you to do so no later than 30th June 2019.


Ratings-based competitions

We do not publish quarterly leader boards for the following ratings-based award competitions. Final results for these will be announced in January 2020.



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