2020 Highpointeering Awards: The Results

The Highpointeer Score Forms are in, the points and metres are all tallied, and we can now announce the High Point Ireland Awards 2020 results.

During 2020, we received a total of 269 Highpointeer Score Forms from twelve participating individuals. Of these, 256 forms comply with our competition rules and count towards the scores of the twelve Highpointeers. 13 score forms did not qualify.

Final results for the full year-long competitions are listed below.

Highpointeer of the Year

A total of twelve Highpointeers submitted score forms in 2020.

  1. Dillon Lynch (358 pts)
  2. Patrick O’Brien (355 pts)
  3. Noel Curtis (229 pts)
  4. Josephine O’Brien (202 pts)
  5. Karol O’Connor (194 pts)
  6. John O’Brien (113 pts)
  7. Emma Dowling (109 pts)
  8. Ben Mooney (81 pts)
  9. Mary Tierney (65 pts)
  10. Kieron Gribbon (34 pts)
  11. Patrick Boland (20 pts)
  12. Mick Winters (17 pts)

Young Highpointeer of the Year

Two Highpointeers competed in the under 18s category in 2020.

  1. Dillon Lynch (358 pts)
  2. Ben Mooney (81 pts)

Clubs League

One club was represented in the 2020 Clubs League.

  1. Peaks Mountaineering Club (202 pts)

From 2021, each club team will be required to have between 2 and 5 participants.

Counties League

Nine counties were represented in the 2020 Counties League.

  1. County Cork (713 pts)
  2. County Meath (338 pts)
  3. County Tipperary (315 pts)
  4. County Dublin (194 pts)
  5. County Down (81 pts)
  6. County Laois (65 pts)
  7. County Antrim (34 pts)
  8. County Limerick (20 pts)
  9. County Tyrone (17 pts)

From 2021, each county team will be required to have between 2 and 5 participants.

Provinces League

Three provinces were represented in the 2020 Provinces League.

  1. Munster (1,048 pts)
  2. Leinster (597 pts)
  3. Ulster (132 pts)

From 2021, each province team will be required to have between 2 and 5 participants.

10,000m High Points Challenge

Based on the Highpointeer Score Forms we received in 2020, a total of six individuals completed the 10,000m High Points Challenge during the course of the year. They are listed below with their High Points metres totals (in brackets).

  1. Dillon Lynch (35,013m)
  2. Patrick O’Brien (34,485m)
  3. Noel Curtis (16,198m)
  4. Josephine O’Brien (14,200m)
  5. Karol O’Connor (11,548m)
  6. Ben Mooney (10,009m)

25 High Points Challenge

46 Highpointeers registered for the 25 High Points Challenge on the Peakhunter platform in 2020. Of these, six successfully completed the challenge. They are listed below (as their Peakhunter name) with the total number of High Points they visited (in brackets).

  1. Paddyob (61) [MOST]
  2. Nollid08 (61) [MOST]
  3. Equus (39)
  4. Brendan Barrett (28) [FIRST TO 25]
  5. Beano (25)
  6. NCurt (25)

Please note that individuals taking part in the 25 High Points Challenge from 2021 onwards will be required to submit Highpointeer Score Forms.

Participate in 2021

To take part in our 2021 Highpointeering competitions you must log each High Point visit while you are physically present at its location using the Peakhunter app. You must also submit a Highpointeer Score Form afterwards for each visit.

When you submit your first Highpointeer Score Form for 2021, we will email you a link to your own partially filled-in version of the Form. This will make the form-filling stage of the process much quicker for you for the rest of the year.

Our year-long Highpointeering competition is one of two required disciplines in the All-Ireland Hillwalking Championships. The other is the All-Ireland Mountain Race which takes place during the six-month period between the Spring and Autumn equinoxes. We are currently making some changes to the race format ahead of its next start date. This timed multi-stage event requires hillwalkers to undertake at least three of our listed single-day challenges. However, don’t let the word ‘race’ put you off – walking speed isn’t necessarily the deciding factor. Full details of the new race format will be revealed in February 2021.

Congratulations to everyone who earned a High Point Ireland award in 2020 and thanks for taking part. We look forward to seeing your names on the list again next year.

Good luck for 2021.

Happy Highpointeering!

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