Ireland High Points Week 2021

Celebrate Ireland’s special high places by visiting them on the seven longest days of the year.

18th – 24th June 2021

Ireland High Points Week is an initiative we have developed to help promote the activity of Highpointeering and to celebrate Ireland’s major geographical High Points.

Created as the focal point of the Irish Highpointeering calendar, Ireland High Points Week occurs each year when the sun reaches its own highest point in the Irish sky – the Summer Solstice. The Week is centred on Solstice day itself, and includes the three days before and the three days after.

We invite you to get involved by visiting some of Ireland’s High Points during this very special week. It’s the one week in the whole year that has more daylight hours than any other. With its early sunrises and late sunsets, it’s the perfect time to celebrate Ireland’s high places.

Get involved

Whether you’re a novice hillwalker or the next All-Ireland hillwalking champion, Ireland High Points Week presents opportunities and incentives to get involved.

  • Visit one / some of your local High Points.
  • Take a few days away to visit some High Points outside your local area.
  • Take advantage of the longest days by visiting a High Point early in the morning or in the late evening.
  • Boost your score in the All-Ireland Highpointeering Leagues by logging your High Point visits using the Peakhunter app.
  • Register for this year’s 25 High Points Challenge (if you haven’t already). There’s still more than 6 full months left to complete it.
  • Undertake your very own customised mini High Points challenge.

Don’t forget to capture some High Point memories this week. As always, feel free to share them with us on social media. We are @hipointireland on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


June Upland Walk

Ireland High Points Week is closely associated with the #JuneUplandWalk theme we promote through The Ireland Walking Guide website.

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Sport Hillwalking

Ireland High Points Week marks the midpoint of the All-Ireland hillwalking sports competition season. This normally starts on the Spring Equinox and ends on the Autumn Equinox, but had to be delayed until 10th May in 2021 due to Covid-19-related travel restrictions.

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Ireland High Points Week 2021 takes place from 18th – 24th June.

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