Highpointeering leader boards (January – March 2019)

Top-scoring individuals and teams so far in the 2019 all-Ireland Highpointeering competitions. These leader boards are based on Highpointeering activity which took place during 2019 before 1st April.

High Point Ireland Awards 2018 Results

The Highpointeer Logsheet & Entry Forms are in, the scores are all tallied, and we can announce the High Point Ireland Awards 2018 results.

Highpointeering Event of the Year

This week we are launching four brand new Highpointeering awards categories over four consecutive days. So far this week, we have launched High Point Photo of the Year and High Point of the Year. Today, we are introducing the Highpointeering Event of the Year award competition as a way of celebrating Ireland's favourite walking events. To be … Continue reading Highpointeering Event of the Year