Highpointeering leader boards (January – March 2019)

Top-scoring individuals and teams so far in the 2019 all-Ireland Highpointeering competitions. These leader boards are based on Highpointeering activity which took place during 2019 before 1st April.

May Bank Holiday Highpointeering

Patrick O’Brien tells us how he and his son Dillon continue their 10,000m Challenge climbing the High Points of the Junior and Minor Gribbon lists in the northeast over the May bank holiday weekend.

High Point of the Year

So far, our expanding family of upland sports awards have focused largely on Highpointeering's human participants. But there is another group of key individuals who we also believe deserves acknowledgement and recognition. Individuals who each have their own character and moods. Individuals who make Highpointeering possible. We are talking about the High Point locations themselves. … Continue reading High Point of the Year

Visit 25 Gribbon locations in 2018 

Our recently-announced partnership with Peakhunter brings with it some exciting joint-venture opportunities. The first of these is a brand new High Point Ireland challenge which is hosted entirely on the Peakhunter website and app. The goal is for each challenger to visit 25 different locations during 2018 which feature on the Gribbon list of Ireland’s … Continue reading Visit 25 Gribbon locations in 2018 

Peakhunter: our new partner

We are thrilled to announce that Peakhunter has joined the High Point Ireland community as a partner organisation. Peakhunter (peakhunter.com) is the premiere Digital Global Summit Log. The Peakhunter app is unique: it only allows you to log an entry using your iPhone or Android device while physically present at a peak or high point … Continue reading Peakhunter: our new partner