Highpointeer Portal

Today, we are launching our new Highpointeer Portal. The page is being developed as a dedicated gateway for individual Highpointeers to communicate with us more easily using specially-designed forms. In 2018, the Highpointeer Portal will be the testing ground for our new Highpointeer Score Form which we hope will completely replace the Highpointeer Logsheet & … Continue reading Highpointeer Portal

High Point Ireland Awards 2017 Results

The Highpointeer Logsheet & Entry Forms are in, the scores are all tallied, and we are now in a position to announce the High Point Ireland Awards 2017 results. 2017 Individual Awards  Highpointeer of the Year GOLD AWARD - Lonan O'Farrell (452 points) SILVER AWARD - Seán Ó Maoilsté (364 points) BRONZE AWARD - Graham … Continue reading High Point Ireland Awards 2017 Results

From the old blog

The following list of blog articles can be found on our old blog:   "Cairngaver: second time lucky" by Martin McAlinden  (29th May 2017) "UPCOMING EVENT: Foxford Walking Festival 2017" by the event organisers (27th May 2017) "Highpointeering: a new all-Ireland competitive sport" by High Point Ireland (17th May 2017) "Spring 2017 #HighPointIrelandPhoto competition winner" … Continue reading From the old blog